Ibuumerang Spain – Te Enseño a Ganar Dinero con Ibuumerang

Ibuumerang Spain – Te Enseño a Ganar Dinero con Ibuumerang
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If you live in Spain you will love Ibuumerang.
Ibuumerang is the brainchild of Holton Buggs. The most successful affiliate marketer in the world. He has teamed up with Xtreme Travel, a two billion dollar a year travel company and developed an affiliate model that is competely disrupting the travel industry.
All you need to do as an affiliate is share a token called a Buumerang with your prospective customers. They access the their own private booking portal which remains theirs for life. You also earn rewards points whenever a customer buys and you can use these points to book your own free travel.
With most affiliate programs you earn a commission from the price markup…
Here is where Ibuumerang is really special…….
With Ibuumerang you earn HALF of what your customers save.
They may save for example $400 on a single night in a hotel and you get a $200 commission. So the earnings potential just on commissions is incredible, especially when you consider these customers are yours for life. You now have an ever increasing, residual income………. FOR LIFE!
Then of course you get paid by introducing more affiliates as well with a brilliantly designed binary system which pays the highest commissions we have ever seen in a binary, Plus you also get bonuses.
If you live in Spain and you are looking for a solid business that has the potential to provide you a life changing income just for helping others save money, join us at


ibuumerang spain – Holton Buggs’s ability to empower the masses to greatness puts him in a league of his own
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Ibuumerang Spain – Te Enseño a Ganar Dinero con Ibuumerang

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